If you’ve always wanted a garden but lack the space, terrace gardening could be the answer. Your patio or balcony can do more than hold a couple of chairs and a candle. Take advantage of this urban gardening technique that lets you enjoy fresh produce, flowers, or herbs when you want them. With plenty of sunlight, garden containers, and natural boosters like Jobe’s Organics® plant spikes, reap the benefits of an organic garden just outside your door.

What Is a Terrace Garden?

Although terrace gardening can mean actually building a garden into a steep wall of terraced soil, we’re referring to a garden you create on your terrace, patio, roof, or balcony. This type of urban gardening allows city dwellers, suburbanites, and others who lack large backyards to grow their own plants, herbs, and produce. Place your plants in pots, garden beds, or even buckets, depending on what you’re growing. You can also use latticework to grow tomatoes, peas, and cucumbers. Give new plants a boost with Jobe’s Organics Fast Start Granular Plant Food.

Make the Most of Your Terrace Gardening Space

Your outdoor space determines what kind of containers you’ll need. If you have the space, a raised bed offers lots of room for a variety of plants. Save space with multi-level planters; think ladders, bookshelves, and tiered planters. A trellis can accommodate multiple containers, allowing you to grow many of your favorite flowers, plants, and herbs at once. Create a green retreat with trellis “walls” and a number of potted plants. If your goal is more aesthetic than practical, forego an organic garden full of veggies for a space overflowing with beautiful blooms and lush greenery. Whatever your garden contains, consider keeping an urban gardening journal for a thriving plot. A watering schedule will help you keep track of hydration requirements for multiple plants, and container plant spikes take the guesswork out of nourishing your garden.

Jobe’s Can Support Your Organic Terrace Garden

From finding the right containers to maintaining a regular watering schedule, terrace gardening requires a little planning to succeed. Count on Jobe’s Organics for everything you need to keep your organic garden healthy without adding harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients. Our lawn and garden supplies are perfect for everything from large backyard beds to compact urban gardening projects. You’ll find soil amendments, plant spikes, our Fast Start Granular Fertilizer, and countless other organic and natural products for a fabulously fertile garden.