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Product Overview

Easy Gardener® Sun Sail

An instant shade solution, the Easy Gardener® Sun Sail was made for an easy, DIY installation that can move with you.

Easy Gardener® Sun Sail

Product Overview

Constructed from our proven Sun Screen Fabric product, Sun Sail effectively reduces temperatures by up to 15 degrees by providing instant shade without limiting refreshing breezes. But heat isn’t the only thing you’ll be protected from; our high-quality material blocks 90 percent of harmful UV rays. As a ready-made, portable item, the Sun Sail can move with you, keeping you cool in the garden, on the deck, or even by the pool. Setting it up is easy: Simply anchor its three corners and chill – literally.

Beige Triangle: 11.8’ x 11.8’ x 11.8’
Green Triangle: 11.8’ x 11.8’ x 11.8’

Providing shade for plants and vegetables
Anywhere people gather outdoors

Features & Benefits

Easy Installation

We want gardening to be enjoyable. That’s why our products make your projects easier – from installing landscape fabrics to applying fertilizer.


Made of high-quality materials, this product will last for years to come. Save money on repeat purchases with this product that will last year after year.


Defy the added wear-and-tear from the sun’s harsh rays. This product is UV-resistant to ensure that it will be more durable and longer-lasting.