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Product Overview

Easy Gardener® Sun Screen Accessories

Installing your new shade has never been easier – these accessories are manufactured specifically for our Sun Screen Fabric.

Easy Gardener® Sun Screen Accessories

Product Overview

This variety of accessories lets you install Easy Gardner Sun Screen Fabric wherever you need it – whether it’s over a deck or somewhere in the garden. No matter the characteristics of the space you’re looking to install, we have a useful accessory that can help.

  • Locking Clips allow you to lock Sun Screen Fabric to wire, rope, cable, or fencing.
  • Locking Ties fasten the material to metal pipes, posts, and heavier cables.
  • Wood Fasteners provide a finished look and attach to soft timbers.
  • Snap Grommets protect the Sun Screen from tearing while contributing to a more finished look.
  • Wall Brackets allow you to attach Sun Screen Fabric to any wall or structure.

Get inspired by some project ideas and instructions!

Locking Clips – 24 count
Locking Ties – 24 count
Wood Fasteners – 30 count
Snap Grommets – 10 count
Wall Bracket

Anchoring landscape fabric to soil or turf

Features & Benefits

Easy Installation

We want gardening to be enjoyable. That’s why our products make your projects easier – from installing landscape fabrics to applying fertilizer.


Defy the added wear-and-tear from the sun’s harsh rays. This product is UV-resistant to ensure that it will be more durable and longer-lasting.


Get more out of your garden products – this one can be used for multiple projects across your garden and landscaping needs.