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Ross® Green Again Iron Formula Root Feeder Refills

Make sure your trees are healthy and green all season long with Ross® Root Feeder Refills Green Again® with Iron. Chlorosis, a yellowing of the leaves with green veins, is caused by a lack of iron in your plant’s diet. Use refills in your Ross® Root Feeder to get the perfect balance of nutrients directly to plants’ roots - while watering. These refills are a special formula of fertilizer plus iron for plants suffering from yellow-leaf iron deficiency. Apply when first symptoms appear or to prevent deficiency if chlorosis has been a problem previously. Ross® pre-measured refills make for fast, easy and mess-free fertilizing.

Ross Root Feeder Refills Green Again with Iron
Product Overview

N : 5 P : 35 K : 10

12 count
54 count

Spring, Summer, and Fall

Trees and shrubs

Features & Benefits

Easy to Use

Fertilizes at the roots

No mixing or measuring


A major component of chlorophyll, the compound plants use in photosynthesis. Nitrogen helps plant foliage grow strong with healthy, robust leaves. Critical for the beginning stages of a plant’s life.

Helps plants develop solid root systems and strong, vibrant blooms. Also important in cell division and development of new plant tissue, phosphorus speeds development and maturity.

Important for overall plant health, potassium aids in water movement, producing sweeter, tastier fruits and more robust blooms. A vital component in nutrient absorption, respiration, transpiration and enzyme activity.