From fertilizer and potting mixes to netting and sun shade, our products cover every aspect of sustainable gardening. We’ve worked hard to develop a portfolio of brands that consumers trust. With an organic focus, our products are safe for the environment and healthy for families to use. Learn more about each brand below:


  • Jobe's Organics
    Jobe's Organics

    With our proprietary Biozome® blend of three beneficial microorganisms, our all-natural fertilizers, spikes, potting soil, and soil amendments will help you grow healthy, happy organic plants.

  • Jobe's

    Our legacy Jobe’s® product line is the one that started it all. Our effective products make nourishing and caring for your plants easy with our fertilizer spikes and staking and wrapping accessories.

  • WeedBlock

    Shut the door on weeds with our WeedBlock® brand’s patented technology. We’ve formulated our product in a range of materials to best suit your needs and preferences.

  • Easy Gardener
    Easy Gardener

    Our Easy Gardener® products make growing plants attainable for any level of gardener. Easy Gardener® has landscape fabrics, edgings, and borders to keep your garden looking beautiful.

  • Landmaster

    Landmaster® is the commercial answer to our own WeedBlock. With larger-sized options and years of professional performance, these products are perfect for commercial use.

  • Ross

    Nourish your garden inside and out with Ross® products. Protect plants with nettings, and feed their roots with our innovative root feeders and fertilizers.

  • Sun Screen
    Sun Screen

    We cater to gardeners and plants. Our Sun Screen® Fabric line helps you stay cool when the sun is high. Enjoy the outdoors – and your garden – without the risk of overheating.

  • Sun Sail
    Sun Sail

    Our Sun Sail® is the instant, pop-up version of a Sun Screen®. This portable, breathable material protects you whether you’re in the garden or by the pool.