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Easy Gardener®

Our Easy Gardener® products make growing plants attainable for any level of gardener. Easy Gardener® has landscape fabrics, edgings, and borders to keep your garden looking beautiful.

Jobe's Organics

With our proprietary Biozome® blend of three beneficial microorganisms, our all-natural fertilizers, spikes, potting soil, and soil amendments will help you grow healthy, happy organic plants.


Our legacy Jobe’s® product line is the one that started it all. Our effective products make nourishing and caring for your plants easy with our fertilizer spikes and full line of gardening accessories.

Check Out Our Jobe’s® Brand Products


LandMaster is the commercial answer to our own WeedBlock. With larger-sized options and years of professional performance, these products are perfect for commercial use.


New patent-pending technology is an industry break-through. Providing superior performance in ASTM metrics, this product re-writes current industry standards!


Nourish your garden inside and out with Ross® products. Protect plants with nettings, and feed their roots with our innovative root feeders and fertilizers.

Sun Sail

Our Sun Sail is the instant, pop-up version of a Sun Screen. This portable, breathable material protects you whether you’re in the garden or by the pool.

Sun Screen Fabric

We cater to gardeners and plants. Our Sun Screen Fabric line helps you stay cool when the sun is high. Enjoy the outdoors – and your garden – without the risk of overheating.


Though it is the bane of any gardener’s life, weeding isn’t actually mandatory. Deter weeds from growing at the start with WeedBlock® products. As the latest development in weed control fabric technology, these products use patented Microfunnels® to channel air, water, and nutrients to the soil while blocking sunlight and deterring weeds. This unique design encourages root growth by keeping soil moist and cool and preventing mulch from washing away. WeedBlock® is chemical-free and easy to use, with a line of products ranging from recycled material to natural products. Spend less time weeding – and more time enjoying – your garden with WeedBlock®.