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Among consumers, there’s never been more interest in sustainable, natural and organic gardening, but leading garden product companies have been slow to respond. That’s why The Jobe’s Company has focused its attention on natural, easy-to-use, effective products that help home growers raise beautiful plants, lush, green lawns, vibrant flower beds and gardens with an abundance of fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables.


Our natural Jobe’s® and Jobe’s Organics® products help people acRoss® North America live happier, healthier lives. We help people beautify their living spaces, inside and out, and we help feed their families through sustainable garden products. Products from our WeedBlock®, LandMaster and Easy Gardener®® brands complement our Jobe’s brands.

As we look to our future, some might say we’re a company specializing in home and garden products. We’d say we’re bigger than that. We’re a company that specializes in making life healthier, richer and more worthwhile.