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Product Overview

Jobe’s BarkGard™

Jobe's BarkGard is an 8-inch-tall plastic shield that coils around the tree and expands with tree growth, creating a long-lasting physical barrier against lawnmowers and string trimmers – the leading cause of young-tree death. BarkGard’s attractive, natural brown color blends in with its surroundings, reflecting away the hot sun’s rays to prevent bark splitting while allowing the tree to breathe. Weather-resistant and expandable, it provides years of protection. One coil fits a tree up to 4 inches in diameter.

Jobe’s BarkGard™

Product Overview

Protection from mower and trimmer damage



Features & Benefits

Easy Installation

We want gardening to be enjoyable. That’s why our products make your projects easier – from installing landscape fabrics to applying fertilizer.

Long lasting

Protects against bark damage