Product Overview

Jobe's Bloom Liquid Fertilizer

Jobe’s Hydroponic Plant Foods were created to deliver balanced nutrition to hydroponic systems. Jobe’s Bloom will provide your plants with the extra nutrient boost needed to fruit while keeping plants strong and healthy.

Product Overview

1 Quart

Apply once a week or as needed

Plants in Bloom

Features & Benefits

3-Step Feeding Program

Jobe’s Hydroponic Formulas won’t burn plants

Jobe’s Plant Food mixes instantly with cold water

Pathogen free, heavy metal free, and GMO free


A major component of chlorophyll, the compound plants use in photosynthesis. Nitrogen helps plant foliage grow strong with healthy, robust leaves. Critical for the beginning stages of a plant’s life.

Helps plants develop solid root systems and strong, vibrant blooms. Also important in cell division and development of new plant tissue, phosphorus speeds development and maturity.

Important for overall plant health, potassium aids in water movement, producing sweeter, tastier fruits and more robust blooms. A vital component in nutrient absorption, respiration, transpiration and enzyme activity.