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Product Overview

Landmaster Natural Burlap

Winds and weather can pose a threat to your blooms. Luckily, Landmaster Natural Burlap can help protect your landscaping from the elements.

Landmaster Natural Burlap

Product Overview

Whether you’re trying to seed, shield, or root ball your plants, Landmaster Natural Burlap can do it all. This material is 100% natural, biodegradable, and environmentally-friendly, so you can feel good about what’s in your yard. Use burlap as tree wrap, plant protection, and to prevent soil and wind erosion; it also serves as a perfect blanket for the winter chill or as shade from the summer sun. Choose from several size options, then cut to your needs.


3’ x 300’
4’ x 300’
6’ x 300’


Blocking gypsy moths
Protective winter wrap for shrubs
Shade to protect plants from summer scorch

Features & Benefits

Pest Prevention

Garden pests can have a big impact on your flower beds and crops. Avoid the scavenging and potential damage these pests could cause in your garden with this product.

Strong and Durable

We use high-quality materials to ensure that the product you receive isn’t only easy-to-use but will stand up to your garden needs.


Get more out of your garden products – this one can be used for multiple projects across your garden and landscaping needs.