jobe's organics organic fertilizer spikes

With Jobe’s Organics® Fertilizer Spikes, organic gardeners have an easy, hassle-free way to grow healthier, beautiful plants. The specially formulated, premeasured spikes nourish plants at the roots, where they need it most, and promote beneficial micro-organisms in the soil for lasting results. This root-level feeding is the most efficient nutrient delivery system for organics, and the time-release formula dissolves into the soil gradually instead of getting washed away from the surface by rain or watering.

Featuring our exclusive mix of 100% organic Biozome® proprietary consortium of three beneficial micro-organisms, Jobe’s Organics fertilizers outperform every other fertilizer product, conventional or organic. Independent tests have proven it time and time again. Biozome improves soil conditions so roots can absorb more nutrients. The secret is a living organism called Archaea, available only in Biozome, that breaks down organic matter better and faster, so plants get even more nutrients from the soil. It all adds up to faster seed germination, bigger, healthier plants and increased fruit size and yield.

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