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Product Overview

Jobe's® BirdBlock®

BirdBlock protective mesh keeps your fruits, berries, and vegetables safe, without the risk of harming birds in the process.

Jobe's® BirdBlock®

Product Overview

While fun to watch, birds can be predatory in our gardens – sometimes getting to our harvest before we do. BirdBlock prevents birds, deer, and other animals from feeding on your crops. This mesh has small openings, which prevent birds from becoming tangled while allowing for sunlight, water, and air to pass through. Don’t let birds fly away with your hard-earned harvest; keep your garden protected with BirdBlock.

14’ x 14’
14’ x 45’
28’ x 28’
7’ x 20’

For best results, spread netting over your plants after the crops form, but before they begin to ripen.

Crop protection
Fencing projects

Features & Benefits


Created with non-toxic materials, you can rest easy knowing that your plants – and those who are tending to them – are safe.


Made of high-quality materials, this product will last for years to come. Save money on repeat purchases with this product that will last year after year.


Defy the added wear-and-tear from the sun’s harsh rays. This product is UV-resistant to ensure that it will be more durable and longer-lasting.