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Product Overview

Jobe's Organics Blood Meal Granular

Jobe's Organics Blood Meal Granular

Product Overview

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Jobe’s Organics Blood Meal Granular is the easy and natural way to provide green, leafy vegetable plants, ornamentals, trees and shrubs with the extra organic nitrogen they need to produce healthy and lush, green foliage. Made from 100% organic blood meal, Jobe’s Organics Blood Meal formula is approved for organic gardening (DO NOT USE ON PEAS, BEANS OR OTHER LEGUMES).

3 lbs
4 lbs

Monthly until first freeze or all leaves have dropped being careful to not overfeed over fertigation can harm plants with shallow root systems

Acid-loving plants, such as lettuce, Brussel sprouts and kale. Can be used for help increase the acid changing the soil pH helping some berries, low lying vegetables. Can be used to help boost growth on flowering plants and vegetables. May be used as an activating source of nitrogen to improve composting performance.

Features & Benefits

Increases microorganism activity

Kid and pet friendly


Our organic products provide your plants with the food they need while still being environmentally-friendly.


A soil-acidifying source of nitrogen for faster greening of acid-loving plants