Product Overview

Ross® Root Feeder

Tree experts recommend watering and fertilizing below the soil’s surface, where most of the active tree roots grow. The Ross® Root Feeder’s deep feeding system is specially designed to do exactly that. Simply connect a garden hose to the Root Feeder and insert the feed tube into the soil around the drip line of your trees. Water flows through a chamber filled with fertilizer, through a feed tube right to the trees’ roots. Perfect for drought weather, there is no runoff or wasted water. Just healthy, beautiful trees all season. The Ross® Root Feeder is available in two models, Model 1200D is our heavy-duty Root Feeder and Model 102 is our economy level Root Feeder.

Ross Root Feeders
Product Overview

Model 102
Model 1200D

Features & Benefits

Fertilizes at the roots

No mixing or measuring

Saves water