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Product Overview

Jobe’s® WeedBlock® Original

Stop weeds without chemicals. Use WeedBlock® Original, the number-one fabric chosen by consumers. Our patented Microfunnel® design blocks 92 percent of visible light and allows water and air to penetrate to the soil.

Jobe’s® WeedBlock® Original

Product Overview

Consumers trust WeedBlock® Original to protect their flower beds and gardens from weeds without the use of harsh chemicals. A patented Microfunnel® design allows water and air to circulate while blocking 92 percent of visible light, stopping weeds before they get a chance to grow. WeedBlock® Original is specially constructed and formulated to last for years in direct sunlight. For extra protection, you can cover with bark mulch or stones to keep using WeedBlock® indefinitely.

Patented Microfunnels channel water through the fabric like a funnel.

Air and water penetrate but light is blocked so weeds can’t grow.

Lasts 4 times longer than other brands.

Preferred by consumers 4-1.

Easy to install with Easy Gardener® FabricPegs.


3’ x 25’
3’ x 50’
3’x 100’
6’ x 50’
4’ x 50’
4’ x 100’
6’ x 100’


Home and commercial gardens
Flower beds
Plant and vegetable beds
Anywhere you wish to prevent weeds while still allowing your garden to benefit from water and nutrients

Features & Benefits

Strong and Durable

We use high-quality materials to ensure that the product you receive isn’t only easy-to-use but will stand up to your garden needs.


Defy the added wear-and-tear from the sun’s harsh rays. This product is UV-resistant to ensure that it will be more durable and longer-lasting.

Weed Control

As enjoyable as gardening and landscaping can be, it would be much more so without the continuous upkeep of weeds. That’s where our weed control products come in.