If taking time to stop and smell the roses is a must in your book, ensure the health and beauty of your flowering shrubs with help from Jobe’s Organics. Whether you opt for a potted rose for the sake of convenience or start from scratch with bare-root roses, these three elements will help you grow a gorgeous, thriving rose garden in all types of conditions.

The Right Amount of Sunlight

Roses need plenty of sunlight for proper growth and health. However, too much sun can damage your beautiful blooms. Aim for six to eight hours of sunlight daily, but avoid the harsh afternoon sun if you live in a very hot climate. In colder parts of the country, roses need the help of a west- or south-facing fence to protect them from winter freezes.

Nutrient-Rich Food

Feed your flowering shrubs with a high-quality rose fertilizer. For easy application of the perfect nutrient blend, try our Knock Out Rose Granular Plant Food. Apply at planting and every six weeks after for a bountiful rose garden. Fertilizer releases the nutrients your flowers need to look their best. Soil amendments enhance growing conditions for even better plant health and richer color.

Regular Watering

One important factor when planting roses is proper drainage. Dig a hole deep and wide enough to allow for plenty of space for the plant’s roots as well as adequate drainage. Water consistently with a soaker hose to ensure consistent hydration. This method sends water to the roots, where it’s needed most, while avoiding delicate leaves. Leaves can develop powdery mildew and black-spot diseases when watered, so keep an eye out for these conditions. Watering frequency varies by climate and soil type. Clay soil requires less-frequent watering than sandy soil. Arid conditions demand mean you should water more often. Aim for the equivalent of an inch of rainfall during the growing season.

For the Best Rose Garden, Choose Jobe’s

From proper watering to the right amount of sunlight, your roses just need a little TLC to thrive. Jobe’s Organics has everything you need for a pretty, well-nourished rose garden. From rose fertilizer to soil amendments, keep your flowering bushes in tip-top shape with our natural, non-toxic products for your lawn and garden.