Fall Planting, Spring Blooming: Your Bulbs’ Window of Opportunity

The weather may have turned cool, but you can still take advantage of autumn in the garden. When springtime comes around, you’ll expect your garden to snap out of its winter hibernation with blooms and bright colors. Whether you’re growing colorful tulips or lofty alliums, planting in the fall – and keeping up with proper […]

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Picking Produce: The Best Times to Harvest Your Fall Crop

Peak gardening season might be over, but the crops don’t stop for fall weather. Plenty of produce comes to fruition during the fall and throughout the winter, and once they reach the harvesting stage, you’ll have to know how and when to pick them. This will depend on the climate in which you live, but […]

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Succession Planting: What It Means for Second-Season Crops

Homegrown vegetables are a delight throughout the spring and summer months, but with succession planting, both farmers and backyard gardeners can produce these family favorites for up to nine months out of the year. Succession planting refers to several planting methods where an additional crop is planted immediately after the initial one is harvested. It […]

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