If you’re growing a garden, you’re on your way to having a sustainable lawn—as gardening reduces the amount of grass you need to mow and water. But if you want to take your efforts further, sustainable gardening is the next logical step. These organic gardening tips will have you on your way to a more earth-friendly garden.

What Is Sustainable Gardening?

You might wonder why a garden is more sustainable than a lawn. After all, gardens still require resources and maintenance. However, sustainable gardening is all about using resources efficiently. That means caring for plants appropriately based on their type and using natural, non-toxic products like compost starters and organic fertilizers from Jobe’s. The best way to start your project is to learn all you can about your plants and their needs.

Proper Watering for Sustainable Gardening

Water conservation is a key part of getting a greener garden (and sometimes in a literal sense). Knowing how much water each plant requires lowers the risk of overwatering. For instance, mulching reduces the need to water by enabling soil to hold moisture. Mulch also helps prevent weeds, eliminating the need for chemical-based pesticides. Use a rain gauge to measure actual rainfall against the expected amount of rainfall for your area. Adjust your watering habits accordingly to avoid wasting water.

More Organic Gardening Tips

One of our highest priorities for organic gardening is to provide adequate nutrition and preserve as many resources as possible. Composting provides an excellent food source for plants while reducing food waste. Jobe’s Organics Granular Compost Starter contains microbe additives to jumpstart the process of breaking down organic matter for a nutrient-rich soil. Our organic fertilizers feed plant roots and help provide the proper nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium ratio—or NPK ratio—for healthy soil and thriving plants. Use according to package directions to avoid overuse, and check the package label to ensure that you’re using the right formula for your plants.

Establish Sustainable Gardening Habits with Jobe’s Organics

Eliminating waste and providing the right amounts of nourishment and hydration are the common-sense keys to sustainable gardening. Reducing both waste and the need for chemicals provide dual benefits by helping your garden grow while protecting the environment.

From learning all you can about your plants and the surroundings in which they grow to applying natural compost starter and organic fertilizers, growing a green garden is within reach. Count on Jobe’s Organics for the natural, toxin-free, and organic products you need for a thriving garden.