Companion gardening is an old concept, but if you’re new to the technique, you’ll be amazed by its benefits. Companion gardening is simply growing plants that are beneficial to each other near each other. This kind of strategic planting can take your herb, flower, and vegetable gardening efforts to the next level. Jobe’s explains how this method can save space and money and increase the fruits of your labor. Plus, products like bone meal will take your work even further.

Bone Meal Magic

If you’re looking to maximize gardening efficiency, adding bone meal to your companion gardening can help immensely. Bone meal is a great source of calcium and phosphorous and adding it to soil can promote healthy root systems and blooms. Best of all, bone meal is totally organic and works hand-in-hand with companion gardening.

Companion Garden for Natural Pest Control

Help eliminate the need for pesticides by planting flowers and herbs in your fruit and vegetable garden. Varied scents and colors keep pests at bay while drawing the bees that pollinate your plot. A border of marigolds will repel a variety of “bad” bugs and attract the pollinators that can help garner a garden full of luscious fruits.

Onions keep rabbits from invading adjacent salad and strawberry crops. Basil and tomatoes don’t just complement each other on a margherita pizza. The herb keeps flies and mosquitoes away and boosts the flavor of tomatoes. You’ll save money on vegetable gardening products and reduce or even eliminate the need for pesticides.

Maximize Space

Make space work for you by mixing tall plants with those that grow close to the ground. High-growing peppers, for example, protect delicate lettuce with their shade. In the meantime, those leafy greens offer moisture-retaining, weed-repelling ground cover for their tall companions and shade for root vegetables. As those root crops are harvested, they allow nutrients and water in by aerating the soil. Staggered rows of veggies from the same family allow room to grow and harvest without wasting space.

Get the Most From Your Gardening

Whether a vegetable gardening veteran or a novice, companion gardening can help you get the most from your crops. This time-tested growing strategy offers a smart way to avoid pesticides and save money. Thanks to its space-saving properties, you can even grow a garden in a smaller area than you might have imagined. And Jobe’s organic products like bone meal, vegetable/tomato, and fruit and citrus ensure optimal companion gardening results.