Most gardeners feel as though they need all the help they can get when it comes to growing successfully in the garden. There are so many variables involved and some of them are beyond the gardener’s control, like weather.
Fortunately, we have several gardening products available to us to maximize our assets and give us a one-up on merely letting nature take its course. Jobe’s Organics’ new organic fertilizer, Fast Start, will do just what the name says – give your plants and seeds the best start possible – and here’s how.

IMG_9429 jobe's fast start resizeIt’s the unique Archaea that gives Jobe’s the benefit over similar products. This microorganism has the ability to quickly break down complex materials and minerals into a form that plants can use, and while other fertilizers may contain bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi, only Jobe’s Organics contains Archaea.

Jobe’s Organics Fast Start can be used in several ways, including working it into the top layer of soil when sowing seeds in the spring. Once those seeds germinate and begin growing, Jobe’s Organics Fast Start will enhance growth right from the start.

It will also work well when planting young seedlings. We did a makeover on our strawberry bed this spring and as we prepared the soil, we worked in compost from our compost bin along with Jobe’s Organics Fast Start, following the directions on the package. We planted the small seedlings and within a week, we were seeing blossoms on several plants.

Spring is a time when many gardeners are not only buying new plants for their gardens, but they’re dividing some of the plants they currently have. Jobe’s Organics Fast Start is perfect for giving those divisions a good start when relocating and replanting them. In fact, you can use the 4-4-2 formula anywhere in your garden, early in the season.
Jobe’s Organics Fast Start can be found anywhere Jobe’s Organics are sold – in independent garden centers, home improvement stores, hardware stores, mass merchandising stores, and on If your garden center doesn’t currently carry Jobe’s Organics, ask for them. They are OMRI listed and USDA approved for organic crop production, meaning you can rest easy, knowing you’re using a safe and natural 100% organic product.

Kylee Baumlee

Kylee Baumle is well into her second career as a garden writer, as well as being a Registered Dental Hygienist for the past 39 years. An indoor gardener since her college days, she also tends to an acre of land in rural northwest Ohio.