It seems like microgreens are everywhere these days. From your grocery store’s produce section to trendy restaurants, these miniature versions of your favorite greens, veggies, or herbs are taking the food world by storm. But they can cost you a pretty penny when dining out or grocery shopping. Enjoy their benefits the frugal way through soil-based edible gardening.

What You Need to Grow Microgreens in a Container Garden

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned gardener, growing microgreens in a container garden is surprisingly easy. All you need are the following supplies:

Some research is recommended since different microgreen varieties have unique lighting and growing needs. For example, some seeds must be pre-soaked, and some need minimal care. Others require additional light from a grow light; it’s surprisingly inexpensive to create your own lighting setup.

How to Grow Microgreens at Home

Here are eight easy steps to grow microgreens with edible gardening:

  • Find a south-facing window or install an affordable grow light.
  • Apply an even, one-inch layer of soil mix at the bottom of your container.
  • Place seeds on soil mix at even intervals.
  • Place a thin layer of potting mix over the seeds.
  • Use a mister to spray the top layer with filtered water.
  • Place in sunlight or under grow light.
  • Mist seeds twice daily.
  • Harvest in two to four weeks; harvest times vary by plant type.

Planting your next crop is as simple as pulling up the current crop’s roots or re-planting them.

Microgreen Benefits

Edible gardening gives you easy access to microgreens’ many benefits. Here are just
some of the reasons to grow them:

  • nutrient-rich
  • saves you lots of money
  • a healthy way to flavor foods
  • no experience or skill required
  • growth time is as short as 10 days
  • offers an easy way to learn how plants grow

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