As you get ready for winter, don’t forget your fall garden! Along with changing your air filters and having your fireplace cleaned, add spreading mulch and buying plant protecting wraps to your to-do list. Unsure what to do with your new garden supplies? We’re here to help with these tips for winterizing your plot.

Get in the Zone

Certain pre-winter tasks should be done before the ground freezes. Check the USDA’s Plant Hardiness Zone Map to find out which zone your area falls in. Next, consult with your neighborhood nursery if you’re unsure which plants can survive the winter in your hardiness zone. Your local ag extension service can tell you approximately when the season’s first frost will hit your area.

Fall Cleaning

Spring may be the season for hardcore house-cleaning, but autumn is the perfect time to de-clutter your fall garden. Remove weeds, foliage, stalks, and other debris to reduce exposure to disease and pests. However, only do this if you also plan to mulch or use a plant protecting blanket. Although it’s a less-than-ideal option, dead vegetation provides plants some protection from the elements. The exception is invasive plants. Their seeds can wreak havoc in your garden, so place these pulled plants in a covered container instead of leaving them atop your garden bed or in your compost bin.

More Garden Winterizing Tips

  • Store delicate bulbs indoors.
  • Divide overcrowded groups of perennials to ensure their health.
  • Nourish plants by placing 3 or 4 inches of compost on your garden bed.
  • Add mulch when the ground freezes. This step prevents the frost-and-thaw cycle that can uproot plants; cover crops work well for larger gardens.
  • Shield plants and shrubs from the wind and blowing snow with a plant protecting wrap. Try Jobe’s Easy Gardener Natural Burlap and fabric staples.
  • Use a cold frame for winter veggies in your garden, or prop up a plant protecting blanket for an affordable alternative.
  • Fertilize before the first frost to keep plants healthy and well-nourished. Jobe’s Organics Fertilizer Spike All Purpose benefits many types of plants.

Help Your Garden Make It Through

Whatever zone you live in, a few preventive measures will help your fall garden survive the winter months. From covering plants with natural burlap to storing fragile bulbs inside, you can help your garden thrive with these simple, inexpensive steps. Find everything you need for a healthy garden plot at Jobe’s Organics. From plant protecting wraps to fertilizer spikes, we offer natural and organic supplies for all your garden needs—no matter what the weather brings.