While European honeybees are still a common sight, pollinators in general are on the decline. There represents an opportunity for gardeners, though. You can create a bee-friendly garden and help preserve the shrinking population of monarch butterflies as well as bees. Jobe’s Organics has the garden soil and other products you need to turn your backyard plot into a pollinator magnet.

Choose the Right Plants

Bee species vary by region, so it’s best to research which pollinator plants are native to your area. You’ll draw more pollinating insects and ensure the compatibility of your plants and garden soil. Aim for a mix of plants to provide a wide variety of bees with nectar and a safe habitat. Choose a local seed supplier or nursery, opting for plants not treated with insecticides, pesticides, or neonicotinoids. Even organic pesticides will have a negative effect on local pollinating insects. While seeds are fine, transplanting plants brings bees and butterflies to your garden more quickly. Perennials are a good choice because they keep pollinators coming back every year.

Bring on the Bees

Bees will land on plants of various colors, but they seem to find yellow, purple, and blue flowers most attractive. Although double flowers are lovely to look at, the extra layer of petals can make it hard or impossible for bees to access the plant’s nectar. And when it comes to creating a bee friendly garden, select low-maintenance plants when possible. Less interference equals more bees.

How to Attract Monarch Butterflies

Bees aren’t the only pollinating insects in danger of disappearing. Monarch butterflies have become a relatively rare sight, causing concern among scientists and nature-lovers alike. These pretty pollinators are indicators of ecological health, making their declining numbers even more of a blow. Thanks to increased use of herbicides, milkweed isn’t as prevalent as it used to be in the United States. The nectar from milkweed is a must for monarch butterflies, so consider planting native species of this plant in your garden. Scatter flat rocks around your plot to provide monarchs with plenty of sunbathing perches.

Bees and Butterflies Belong

Draw a fascinating mix of buzzing bees and beautiful butterflies to your garden with these tips from Jobe’s Organics. Enjoy watching these creatures as they flit around your garden and take satisfaction in knowing you’ve contributed to the growth of these vital pollinating-insect populations. Plant your flowers and plants in Jobe’s organic, pesticide-free garden soil for best results. And use Jobe’s Organics fertilizers to ensure plant health and growth.  Healthy plants have a better ability to naturally fend off the effects of pests, disease, and drought without the use of chemicals.