Every year as the weather starts changing, we awake to brisk, beautiful fall mornings, and my attention turns away from the garden to the front of my house. My household enjoys celebrating the season with fun, seasonal décor but I personally prefer to avoid collecting whimsical yard art. This season I decided to pull out my Plant Protection Blankets a little bit early, to create hanging ghosts.

Hanging ghost supplies:

ghost supplies

1 Plant Protection Blanket

2 white balloons

1 black marker

Fishing line/string



cut1. Cut the blanket in half. One blanket will make 2 ghosts.

2. In the middle of each half (approximately 6 inches down) use the marker to draw eyes.

3. Blow up the balloons and tie the fishing line to the end.

4. Use a pen or tip of the scissors to poke a hole in the middle of the blanket.
complete ghosts5. Insert the fishing line through the hole to create your ghost.

6. Hang and add additional fun décor.

These fun ghosts are a perfect, eye-catching way to decorate for Halloween and a great way to reuse your plant protection blankets. The best part is once Halloween is over my blankets will already be out and ready for our first frost.

ghosts hung