Not everyone wants electronics or a golf club as a Christmas gift. Some people enjoy green, living things like houseplants. They make the perfect gifts for those who enjoy taking care of things and watching them grow. If you’re out of holiday gift ideas, Jobe’s has five plants to surprise your loved ones.

These 5 Houseplants Make Great Holiday Gift Ideas

Prayer Plant

The prayer plant gets its name from the way in which it opens and folds its leaves during the day. They open when the light is full and close when it’s dark. They’re pretty to look at with their green and yellowish coloring on top and vibrant purple underneath.

Snake Plant

The snake plant has long, straight leaves that stand vertically out of the soil. Each leaf has beautiful markings and photosynthesizes all day, releasing fresh oxygen into your home. It’s a very resilient plant that doesn’t require a lot of attention or maintenance.

Jade Pothos

The jade pothos houseplant has a beautiful, green coloring that looks like jade reaching out from the soil. This plant is best for those who have a green thumb and can nurture it as the soil requires a consistent water level to help jade pothos grow.

Bird’s-Nest Fern

The bird’s-nest fern looks like a disheveled bird’s nest with its leaves reaching out in all directions. If your friends or family members know how to take care of plants and stick to a regular watering schedule, this plant will thrive with them for many years.

White Ghost

The white ghost is a pale cactus that requires routine watering. It’s a beautiful plant that pairs with small pebbles nicely in a container. They grow extremely slowly and can live for decades with proper care.

Like Indoor Gardening? You’ll Love Jobe’s!

Indoor gardening is all the rage this year, and it starts with the right houseplant. Holiday gift ideas like socks and sweaters won’t make you popular this Christmas. Think outside the box with a Christmas gift like a prayer plant or other houseplants, and use products like Jobe’s potting mixes to help it flourish. They’ll breathe life into your loved one’s homes and help them to care for something near and dear to their hearts.