If you thought sun screen fabric was just for your summer garden, think again. Of course, its sun blocking properties make it indispensable for outdoor gardening, especially in climates with scorching summers. But that UV-resistant material doesn’t just help the plants in your summer garden thrive. Find out how this versatile fabric can enhance your enjoyment of those sunny days ahead.

Shade for Summer Fun

Just as sun shade fabrics help prevent your summer garden from withering under harsh rays, they allow you to spend time on the deck or patio in comfort and safety. You don’t need an awning or other permanent fixture to prevent sunburns and discomfort. Jobe’s has all the accessories you need to attach sun screen fabric to your house or almost any other structure. Give your two- and four-legged kids alike a cool place to play while at home or away. Our Sun Shade fabrics or pre-made Sun Sails are available in a wide range of sizes for everything from backyard parties to protection for livestock and cattle.

Shade on the Go

You can even stay cool when camping or hanging out at the beach. Locking clips or ties let you create a shady spot anywhere you can find a post, fence or cable. Cool off at your beach house or country cabin with help from wood fasteners or wall brackets. Or protect your car’s interior from fading by spreading Sun Screen fabric over the dashboard and seats. Make boat rides even more fun on the hottest days, or use your fabric for privacy or shade during RV excursions.

Healthy Ventilation

There’s no need to take your Sun Screen or Sun Sail down before heading indoors. Its breathable fabric allows for proper airflow while reducing the temperature by up to 15 degrees. Water can also pass through, so summer showers won’t collect in pools of insect-attracting water around the area of use. Proper hydration and air flow are equally vital to your outdoor gardening efforts. Secure fabric over your plants with our collection of fasteners for the garden.

Use Jobe’s for Your Shade Needs

Whether at home or on vacation, Jobe’s Sun Screen® fabric and Sun Sails are a versatile way to stay cool, get out of the heat, or escape prying eyes. And you can always count on this breathable fabric to protect your plants on sweltering summer days. Find sun fabrics and accessories for all your outdoor gardening and lifestyle needs at major retailers and Jobe’s.