If you’ve always hoped for a lush, emerald-colored lawn but ended up with something a little less verdant, hope has arrived. Get the plush, green grass you’ve always wanted with help from these gardening and landscaping tips from Jobe’s Organics.

When to Apply Lawn Fertilizer

Fertilizer is the key to a beautiful yard. Knowing when to apply it is as important as using the right lawn fertilizer and equipment. Although frequency varies by grass type, fertilizing during the spring is a must. In most parts of the United States, April is the time to start. The ideal ground temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit; you’ll know it’s time when lilacs bloom and grass starts to grow. Cool-season grasses should be fertilized once in the spring and twice in the fall. Fertilize warm-season grasses at the beginning and end of spring and at the end of summer when the extreme heat has passed.

How to Apply Fertilizer

Unlike landscaping pros, most homeowners lack the know-how and equipment to spray liquid fertilizer properly. Granular options like Jobe’s Organics’ All Season Granular Lawn Food are easier to apply with a certain level of precision. Broadcast spreaders allow for easy, relatively accurate application. Drop spreaders are better for areas with sharp, landscaped borders where a high level of precision is required. Give your lawn a thorough watering after fertilizing. This step allows the product to sink in for optimal effectiveness. It also prevents burning by washing fertilizer off the blades. Keep everyone – including pets – off the grass for 48 hours or according to label instructions.

Grow a Better Lawn with Jobe’s

Every homeowner wants a beautiful lawn – and everyone can get one! Jobe’s Organics offers the lawn fertilizer you need for a yard that will be the envy of all your neighbors. Our lawn food provides the perfect mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium.

Count on Jobe’s lawn food and other effective, natural products for gardening and landscaping. We’re your source for organic, non-toxic products to keep your family healthy while enjoying a beautiful lawn and garden.