If your green thumb is itching for some action but you lack adequate outdoor space, a container garden just might be the answer. Indoor gardening allows apartment dwellers and those who live in climates with harsh winters the chance to enjoy nature’s bounty all year round. These tips from Jobe’s Organics will help you get started.

Choosing a Container 

This part of the process is simple: choose a container you like. Feel free to go DIY with a milk jug or buy a pretty ceramic pot – plants aren’t picky. Actually, plastic is a smart choice because it’s lighter in weight and, therefore, easier to move around. It also causes less evaporation than clay pots. Opt for a planter with a square bottom to encourage roots to spread out. Containers measuring at least eight inches in diameter will do the trick. Drainage holes are a must for preventing water-logged plants; safeguard your floors with saucers.

All About the Soil 

Finding the right potting mix is easy, too. Our selection of organic formulas is designed to meet a wide range of needs. If you’re worried about over- or under-watering, try our water-retaining mix. We also offer a seed-starting blend to promote rapid root growth. Or choose a formula designed for specific plants, like our Tomato & Vegetable Potting Mix. You’ll find blends for succulents and flowers as well.

Adequate Sunlight 

One advantage of indoor gardening is that plants require less sunlight, provided they’ve fully matured before being brought inside. Plants in your container garden will generally make do with the amount of light they’re given. However, if you feel they’re not getting enough sunshine, try moving them to another location. If your plants have not fully matured, consider whether grow lights are worth the investment for your situation.

Jobe’s helps gardens thrive. Whether you’re growing a large outdoor plot or an indoor container garden, we have the information and products you need. You’ll find everything you’re looking for to get started with indoor gardening. From eco-friendly fertilizers to soil & potting mix, our goal is to provide beginning and experienced gardeners alike with organic products for healthy plants.