Some gardeners consider snowfall beneficial for a winter garden. While the right amount of snow can insulate your plants, the conditions have to be just right to do any good. However, we all know how unpredictable nature can be. Instead of hoping for perfect conditions, take action to protect your plants from the elements.

Is a Snow Blanket Good for Your Garden?

A little bit of snow won’t do a thing for your plants. A hearty, fluffy snowfall blankets your garden, warming plants below the soil by as much as double the outside temperature. Ambient temperature changes and erratic snowfall can wreak havoc as the ground freezes and thaws. These shifts can uproot plants and ruin your winter garden. A better approach is to create row covers using a plant protecting blanket like Easy Gardener Plant Protecting Blanket from Jobe’s. You’ll get consistent coverage and protection, ensuring that your plants make it through the colder months.

Natural Burlap and Reusable Plant Wraps

Like snow, plant protecting coverage helps keep your plants and the soil warm. Unlike snow, landscape fabric made from natural burlap provides consistent, reliable weather protection. It shields plants and bushes from windburn, ice, snow, and freezing rain while also preventing sun damage. Our reusable Easy Gardener® Plant Protecting Wrap offers the same level of protection for your garden, shrubs, and potted plants. These fabrics also allow moisture to come through for proper hydration, and our reusable wrap protects your plot from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Garden staples keep your plant protecting wrap firmly in place.

If you live in a region where foot-deep snowfalls are the norm, a snow blanket may be beneficial. That said, you still can’t rely on steady temperatures and snowfall to protect your plants throughout the winter months.

Snow Blanket or No, Jobe’s Has You Covered

Get protection you can count on with a natural burlap or reusable plant protecting wrap from Jobe’s Organics. We have the plant protecting blankets and accessories you need to ensure that your plants stay healthy and hydrated during the cold season. Find supplies for your winter garden in natural, organic, and sustainable materials so you can reap the rewards of a thriving backyard plot year after year.