Whether you’re tired of mowing or want something to fill the blank spaces in your garden, groundcover could be the answer. From flowering plants to landscape fabrics, you have plenty of options at your disposal. Prevent erosion and beautify your lawn or garden with these ideas from Jobe’s Organics.

Ornamental Grass

One of the most common types of groundcover used in landscaping is ornamental grass. With so many types available, it’s easy to find the right grass for your lawn. Of course, grass doesn’t grow everywhere, and some homeowners don’t want the upkeep that comes with it.

Creeping Juniper

On slopes and other areas where grass is difficult or impossible to grow, creeping juniper is an excellent alternative. Remove any grass that has grown before placing this needled evergreen over landscape fabric; try our plant-based WeedBlock Natural®. It inhibits weed growth while promoting air circulation and moisture. Add mulch, and wait for your juniper to spread out and cover large areas of your yard.


Need groundcover for a shady garden? Bunchberry is an ideal choice for gardens with rich, moist soil. The shrub also holds up well to damage caused by rabbits and deer. This woodland plant is beautiful with its berries and leaves that sometimes turn red in the fall.

Amethyst in Snow

Amethyst in Snow is thought of as a pretty, flowering perennial plant, but it also doubles as groundcover. Best grown in sunny areas, the low-maintenance plant spreads out well. However, this can equate to too much of a good thing, so pull stray shoots if growth becomes too aggressive.

Garden Fabric Can Provide Cover

Gardens and landscaping projects don’t always call for plants to provide cover. Landscape fabrics like our WeedBlock Natural can be covered with mulch for a simple, attractive ground cover. You’ll just need garden fabric staples to hold it in place. Limit mulch to about 2 inches, and clear away any buildup of dirt and debris that could settle into the soil and promote weed growth.

Cover Serious Ground with Jobe’s

Groundcover is an important part of gardening and landscaping projects, keeping weeds at bay and covering unsightly bare spots. At Jobe’s Organics, we offer everything you need to keep your lawn and garden healthy and beautiful, including landscape fabrics. WeedBlock Natural® is made from plant fibers and other renewable materials, working to keep your lawn lush and weed-free. Count on us for these and other natural and organic garden and landscaping products.