As you take precautions to stay warm and comfortable for the colder months, don’t forget about your plants. Weather conditions can turn on a dime, catching even the most careful gardeners off guard. The cold can kill plants’ roots, making a little bit of preparation a must. Jobe’s brings you these plant protection tips for last-minute frost and unexpectedly cold weather.

1. Bring potted plants inside when possible (but check for spiders and other insects first). Although cold weather gardening can be safe when you take the right steps, not all plants can withstand frigid temperatures or frost.

2. Apply hay or mulch to insulate plants. This measure holds in both heat and moisture to protect root systems. Water jugs filled with warm water and placed in the mulch provide even more protection from the cold.

3. Use a plant protecting blanket to cover plants at night. Keep frost or freezing rain at bay with our breathable Easy Gardener Natural Burlap. Secure the blanket with reusable fabric pegs or staples for fabric and garden.

4. If time allows, build a cold frame or buy a ready-made greenhouse. Make cold weather gardening a low-risk venture by housing your plants in an enclosed space. Retaining heat and keeping frost out helps to ensure plants’ survival during cold snaps.

5. Create an insulated vertical layer around each plant. Construct a frame by placing plant-height stakes in the ground a few inches out from the plant. Tie up the plant, and create a burlap “wall” around it. Fill the space between the burlap and plant with hay or another natural form of insulation. Optional warm water-filled jugs provide additional warmth.

Manage expectations; last-minute frosts may make it impossible to save the entire plant. Leaves might not survive, but realize that this doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Surviving stems and roots allow for regrowth in some cases.

Plant protection comes down to rescuing root systems from the potentially devastating effects of cold temperatures and frost. From used milk jugs filled with warm water to our plant protecting blanket, you have plenty of plant-saving tools at your disposal. At Jobe’s, we’re committed to helping you grow healthy, strong plants. Browse our selection of natural, plant-protecting products to reduce the risks of cold weather gardening.