If you’re new to herb gardening, you may be worried about giving your plants the nourishment they need. The right herb fertilizer and application techniques can put flavorful, health-boosting herbs at your fingertips. Get started with these easy indoor gardening tips.

Herb Fertilizer for Healthy Growth

Fertilizer is a must for plentiful herbs—which are harvested more than once during the growing season—as it provides the energy they need for proper growth. You don’t need special products to grow a thriving herb garden. However, you will be eating your herbs straight from the container, so opt for a natural, organic fertilizer.

Ideal Indoor Gardening Conditions

Use a loose, high-quality potting mix or soil, and make sure plants have a large enough container to allow for proper root growth. Before planting, mix fertilizer into the soil or potting mix. For maximum absorption, give plants a good watering before fertilizing. Use a container with plenty of holes for proper drainage. Place it in a spot that allows for six hours of sun per day; a south-facing window is usually a good choice. The right amount of sunlight ensures that your herbs develop the oils needed for flavor, so consider supplementing less-than-perfect lighting conditions with an indoor grow light.

Special Situations

If you miss a dose of fertilizer, don’t overcompensate with extra product; just use the normal amount. Restore pale, weak-looking herbs to their former glory with a half-dose of liquid fish emulsion every few weeks. Keep plants healthy in the first place by flushing out your potted herbs once a month. Water them thoroughly, and allow them to drain thoroughly. Repeat the process, then apply fertilizer.

Herb gardening doesn’t have to be tricky. Proper sunlight, regular watering, adequate drainage, and a boost from a natural fertilizer are all you need for a hardy, flavorful herb garden. Jobe’s Organics has the basics and beyond for all your indoor gardening projects. Our fertilizers are designed with the right NPK ratios for your herbs and other plants. Count on us for natural, non-toxic fertilizers—like our herb plant foods in granular, spike, or water-soluble options—for a beautiful, bountiful garden indoors or out.