When it’s time to head to the garden, your clothing can make all the difference. The more comfortable and better protected you are, the longer you’ll feel like spending time maintaining your plot. Jobe’s Organics is here to help with tips on everything from choosing the right accessories to working beneath Sun Screen fabric.

Garden Attire Basics 

Comfy garden clothes are a must. Ensure that your clothing allows you to bend, squat, stretch, and otherwise move freely and comfortably. Wear layers in case of weather changes, especially if you’re starting out early in the morning. Vests provide a light layer while allowing free arm movement. Pants with pockets on the outer thighs offer a convenient place to stash garden tools. Pull long hair into a ponytail, and keep shorter hair off the face with barrettes or a headband.

Protect Yourself 

Slather on the sunscreen and bug repellent before going outside. A hat with a brim offers further sun protection. Take it to the next level with Sun Screen fabric for you and your garden – it’s designed to reduce temperatures up to 15 degrees. Jeans, washable leather gloves, and shirts with long or three-quarter-length sleeves prevent thorns from putting a damper on your day. And don’t forget your feet; tennis shoes offer plenty of protection on fair-weather days. Opt for rain boots if showers are possible.

Garden Clothes for Cooler Days 

Ward off chills in the garden with a cozy hoodie or jacket. Lightweight windbreakers let you move while keeping your neck warm on damp, windy days. Keep cold breezes at bay with a circle or infinity scarf. Unlike a traditional style, it won’t drag in the dirt or get in your way.

Countless options are available to keep you safe and comfortable while working in the garden. Cover the basics with light layers, protective shoes, and plenty of outer pants pockets. Go the extra mile by purchasing gloves with fingertip claws and protecting your garden – and yourself – with Sun Screen fabric. The right clothing helps you stay safe while getting even more enjoyment out of your garden. Count on Jobe’s Organics for all of your gardening needs.