One of the biggest benefits of high quality landscape fabric is that it helps gardeners banish the bane of their existence from their plots: weeds. Keep your grow space weed-free safely and naturally with easy-to-use fabric that can be customized to fit your garden. Even if you’re not very experienced managing a garden, expert placement of this product is surprisingly easy. Follow these tips from Jobe’s to ensure that your plants don’t have to compete with weeds for elbow room this season.

Gather Your Supplies 

Choosing the right landscape fabric is essential. Jobe’s offers a unique fabric called WeedBlock that works to prevent weeds. In addition to stopping weed growth, it allows plants to get the nourishment and water they need to thrive. The fabric comes in many sizes to fit your specific garden. Buy plenty of landscape staples or pins – enough to cover all edges at one-foot intervals.  We offer fabric-and-garden-staple kits to supply you with everything you need in one package.

Prep and Plant 

Pulling weeds is the first order of business, followed by turning the soil with a garden fork or tiller. This is also the time to put in soil additives, preferably of the organic variety. Multi-purpose products are available to make your job easier. Remove clumps in the soil, and create a smooth surface using a rake. Even soil prevents mulch from sliding off the fabric, so be sure to smooth over any dips, mounds or rough patches. Secure fabric edges with garden staples at one-foot intervals. If you need more than one sheet of fabric, allow the pieces to overlap by a foot to prevent gaps.

Tailor Your Fabric

After digging holes beneath the fabric, bury the roots in soil and reposition the fabric. Cover your fabric with three inches of mulch to prevent light from coming through and promoting weed growth. Take care to avoid placing mulch against the stems.

Now that you know what to buy, how to customize your materials, and how to apply the fabric, get ready to protect your garden from the threat of weeds. Take advantage of the high-quality landscape fabric from Jobe’s – it’s designed to stand the test of time and keep weeds out the picture.