When it comes to your trees, danger lurks in every corner. Defend the trees in your yard against threats ranging from bugs to broken branches with the help of these tree care tips from Jobe’s Organics. Proper maintenance helps prevent pest infestations and defends trees from all types of weather damage.

Good Grooming

Keep your trees trimmed. Regular pruning allows light in and promotes healthy air flow. Clean pruning shears with rubbing alcohol or a solution of one part water and one part bleach to prevent the spread of disease. Oil shears afterward to head off corrosion. Last year’s dried-up fruits may be diseased, so pick these “mummies” when you find them on your tree or the ground. Burn fallen leaves before winter hits, as dead leaves spread disease through their spores.

Healthy Hydration

Proper watering is a must to prevent branches from drying up and breaking off. Broken branches aren’t just unattractive and unsafe; they also increase the risk of insect infestations and disease. Supplement your watering routine with an anti-desiccant spray. This product helps shrubs and trees retain water, especially during drier weather when they can’t absorb adequate amounts from the ground.

Wrap It Up

The weather can do a number on your trees. Jobe’s TreeWraps ward off excess heat while allowing air and water to flow. Tree wraps also help prevent sunscald, which occurs when the sun’s rays reflect off the snow and cause trunks to split. And you can skip the insect repellent – our wraps already provide a natural barrier against pests, but protecting your trees from scalding and splitting is another way to help prevent infestations. Oils are yet another weapon in the fight against bugs. Spraying fruit trees with dormant oils just before buds appear kills off insects and their larvae and eggs, protecting delicate shoots and leaves.

Jobe’s Organics has the natural products you need for proper tree care all year round. We offer high-quality tree wraps and accessories to keep your trees in tip-top shape. From preventing the need for insect repellent to warding off dehydration, we hope these tips help the trees on your property look their best and maintain excellent health.