Whether you have a black thumb or just want to keep your plants at their healthiest, it’s important to understand how to water a plant properly. Watering may seem like a simple task, but rushing the job can endanger your plants and produce. From using landscape fabrics to adding water at the right time of day, Jobe’s brings you healthy-hydration tips just in time for spring gardening.

When to Water

Plants have widely varying water requirements, so consult with your local garden store or other trusted source for plant-specific info. Water container gardens daily when it’s hot. They retain more heat than conventional gardens and tend to dry out more easily. The best time of day for watering plants in general is during the early morning. The ground is coolest then, and plants’ foliage has ample drying time to prevent fungus, bugs, and disease from gathering or developing.

Under- and Over-Watering

Too little water causes plants to dry out and die. Overzealous watering with inadequate drainage triggers root rot. Fortunately, you’ll find clues when tending to your spring gardening to let you know whether your hydrating habits need some work. Over-watered potted plants form pools of water at the bottom. There’s an easy fix; drain the pot by placing it atop a layer of rocks. Under-watering, on the other hand, makes itself known in the form of fallen leaves around the plant. Wilted leaves are often a sign of dehydration, but they can also indicate over-watering.

What Is the Right Amount of Moisture?

Water slowly to control the amount of water and ensure that it gets to the roots. Prevent moisture and nutrient loss by using landscape fabrics, which promote water and air circulation. Test your garden for proper hydration by jamming a spade into the soil. When you pull it back, the soil should feel moist at least six inches down. You can also buy a soil moisture meter for simpler measuring.

Jobe’s Landscape Fabrics Can Help

The longer you grow a particular type of plant, the more in tune you’ll be with its need for moisture. A little research, some well-timed hydration, and regular monitoring of plants and soil will help keep your garden in tip-top shape. Make the most of your spring gardening hobby with healthy habits. Jobe’s has the landscape fabric selection you need for a thriving lawn and garden.