Christmas trees conjure up years’ worth of memories. The smell of pine takes us back to marathon cookie-baking sessions, getting together with family and friends, and cozying up in front of a fire with someone special. Unfortunately, the season is all too short – both for us and our Christmas trees. The star of everyone’s holiday decor seems to go up in price every year, so give it the TLC it needs to look its best for those few precious weeks of the holiday season.

Test for Freshness 

Start by choosing the right tree; after all, it’s the centerpiece of your holiday decor. Whether you head to your local garden center or buy from a seasonal dealer, if you see a lot of needles on the floor, nearby trees are already drying out. Even if the floor is needle-free, conduct a freshness test on trees with potential. Run your hand along a branch; if you see falling needles, move on to the next one.

Prevent Dryness 

Once you find a Christmas tree worthy of joining your other decorations, keep it well-hydrated all season long. Cut off a couple of inches from the trunk to expose fresh wood, which absorbs water more easily than dried-out wood. Always keep enough water in the tree stand to cover the base of the tree; maintain a watchful eye, as these thirsty trees can “drink” as much as a gallon a day. It doesn’t matter how warm or cool the water is. Place your tree as far from fireplaces and other heat sources as possible, and use low-heat tree lights to help prevent drying.

Recycle Responsibly

When the season comes to a close, it’s possible that you won’t want to lug the entire tree up to your attic or let it consume space elsewhere. Get rid of your evergreen safely by recycling it properly. Research options in your area; some municipalities offer free services to pick up used trees and grind them for mulch or other manufacturing projects. Near the coast, Christmas trees can also be repurposed to help restructure or protect beachheads from erosion.

Cold-Weather Care for Outdoor Plants

Just as you treat the most important of your decorations with care, your winter garden needs a little extra attention. If time allows, water your plants and produce a day before colder weather sets in. Moist soil holds heat better, offering insulation for cold nights. Cover plants with Easy Gardener natural burlap for protection from the wind and cold air. Potted plants are especially sensitive to cold, so move them to a warmer location.

At Jobe’s, our products help gardeners keep their plants healthy all year long. From natural burlap to plant food, we have everything you need for thriving plants, flowers, and crops – even throughout the holiday season. We hope these tips help you make the most of your decorations and backyard plot alike.