In colder parts of the world, palm trees represent the warmth and beauty of tropical climates. Many are surprised to learn that some of the 2,500-plus palm tree varieties can be grown in non-tropical regions. Whether your palms are located outside or indoors, keep them in tip-top shape with the right palm tree care methods. Jobe’s Company offers palm tree spikes and other products for outdoor and indoor gardening.

Indoor Palm Trees

Hotel lobbies are popular spots for palm trees. After all, these tropical beauties offer a sense of luxury and promote relaxation. Some palm-tree admirers even take a shot at maintaining miniature tabletop versions, which we don’t encourage. Palm trees, especially the kentia and parlor varieties, can be grown indoors. They may look good on your desk – for a while. But once they grow to a certain height, trimming the tops will only succeed in killing them.

Growing an Indoor Palm Tree

If you opt to grow a full-size tree in your home or business, maintain it with organic, chemical-free Jobe’s Organics Palm Granular. This proprietary nutrient blend nourishes soil and roots to encourage plant growth and strength. Palm Granular provides excellent tree care for all palm tree species and only needs to be applied every two to three months.

Outdoor Palm Tree Care

Outdoor public spaces are popular spots for palm trees. Some cities and businesses in chillier climates use them for their novelty – no one expects to see a palm tree in the middle of the Midwest. Wherever they’re grown, palm trees can benefit from added nutrients. Place palm tree spikes in the soil around your tree to deliver the right amount of nourishment to the roots.

Jobe’s Fern & Palm Plant Food Container Spikes keep your trees healthy by sending continuous doses of nutrients without the need for measuring. Our spikes are mess-free and won’t wash away during watering. They even do double-duty by feeding your ferns.

Bring the Tropics to You

Whether you’re an indoor gardening buff who’s itching to add a tropical air to your space or love the look of a palm tree in the yard, Jobe’s can help. We have everything you need to grow strong, healthy palm trees, both indoors and out. Wherever you are, our spikes and potting mixes give you the tropical look you crave. Check out our product offerings, and bring that tropical feeling to you, wherever you are.