If you haven’t discovered the joys of gardening with your kids, you’re in for a treat. Besides offering a fun way to spend time together as a family, gardening together yields a lifetime of mental, physical, and emotional benefits. Jobe’s Organics, supplying gardeners with vegetable granular and other products for a thriving garden, explains how a family garden contributes to kids’ overall well-being – now and for years to come.

Grow as a Group

From looking up gardening tips together to preparing and eating the fruits of your collective labor, the activities surrounding the growing of fruits, veggies, and flowers help make it more of a group effort. Your kids can’t help but get swept up in the fun and wonder of it all.

Young Gardeners Are Great Learners

Kids are bound to have questions about how things work, so you’ll likely end up discussing how plants grow. Understanding the basics of plant life can foster curiosity about other scientific concepts. In fact, studies have shown that children who garden tend to fare better in science classes. Gardening also improves focus, learning abilities, and social skills.

Garden for a Lifetime of Health

Gardening is so much fun that your family won’t realize what a great workout they’re getting. Fresh air is always a plus, and it’s actually good for kids to get a little dirty; too much germ avoidance can prevent them from developing strong immune systems. And even the pickiest eaters will thrill at the prospect of eating the foods they’ve worked to grow. Children who garden tend to choose fruits and veggies as snacks more often than their non-gardener counterparts. Eating produce at its freshest and most colorful nurtures a lifetime love of nutritious, homegrown food. And gardeners appreciate the calming effects of flower or vegetable gardening. Kids will also learn the healthy habit of soothing themselves by heading out to the garden plot.

Share Your Love Together

You’ll always have something in common with your kids by instilling a love and curiosity for gardening at a young age. Jobe’s Organics hopes you and your family enjoy many years of growing together as a family. We have everything you need for successful vegetable gardening, so count on us for environmentally friendly supplies ranging from Jobe’s vegetable granular to water-soluble fertilizer. Visit our full list of products today!