Gardening soothes the soul, provides fresh herbs and produce when you want them, and can make your lawn more attractive. If you lack the space for a full-fledged garden plot, a container garden makes an excellent alternative. With the quality organic potting soil products and eco-friendly fertilizers to help you get started, Jobe’s brings you these tips for making the most of your container garden.

Container Garden Uses

Whether you live in an apartment or simply don’t have enough room for a garden plot, container gardening just makes sense. Enjoy fresh produce and herbs, regardless of how much – or how little – outdoor space you have. Even if you have more space than an apartment balcony or small strip of grass, container gardens allow you to plant vegetables commitment-free. Or, enhance an existing garden with pots of beautiful blooms.

Choosing a Container

Opt for large containers, even for small plants; those with large root systems need even more space. A pot that holds more soil retains more moisture and is less vulnerable to quick temperature changes. Of course, ensure that you’ll be able to move the planter and that your balcony, deck, or other raised surface can support its weight. Choose containers in the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Sturdy plastic
  • Flexible fiberglass
  • Plastic-lined metal
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Concrete composites

Choose a lighter-colored container to keep soil cool. Self-watering planters make easy work of ensuring proper hydration.

Caring for Your Container Garden

1. Waterlogged potting soil can kill plants. If your planter doesn’t have holes, drill them or use them as decorative outer containers for plain pots with adequate drainage capability. A layer of newspaper or paper towels prevents soil from washing out through drainage holes. Water plants in small hanging containers twice daily.

2. Houseplant soil mixtures are best for small plants – those that fit in one-gallon containers. Coarser, soil-less mixes work well for larger plants in container gardens. Fertilizers can be worked into your soil; choose a slow-release option. Plant outdoors, wear a dust mask, and dampen soil to avoid irritation from small particles. Wash hands and clothes after planting. Place plants where they’ll get shade in the afternoon to reduce the amount of water needed.

Enjoy an optimal container gardening experience with proper preparation and care. Jobe’s has the organic potting soils and fertilizers you need for healthy, thriving plants.