For many of us, spring gardening signals the start of the most wonderful time of the year. Whether you’re planning a full-sized backyard garden plot or a few containers of veggies on the balcony, knowing when to plant can be confusing. Jobe’s is here to help with simple planting tips and organic products ranging from garden fertilizer spikes and potting mix to granular all-purpose fertilizer.

Before You Start

Planting at the right time is essential to the health of your plants. Climate and plant varieties determine planting times, so check this handy spring gardening reference for zone-specific information. Buying small transplants eliminates the hassle of starting seeds.

Cool Weather-Tolerant Plants

Peas, spinach, seed onions, primroses, pansies, and violas can all be planted once the ground has thawed and is no longer saturated. Hardy vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, lettuce, and seed potatoes can withstand a few frosts. Planting trees and shrubs early allows their root systems to develop before the heat of summer sets in. Get an estimate of your area’s frost-free date from your local county extension agent. Plant colder-weather plants two to three weeks before that date.

The Frost-Free Zone

Other vegetables and annual plants are ready to be planted or transplanted once the danger of frost is unlikely. If you do experience a late-season frost, protect delicate plants with a cover. Most heat-tolerant plants can be planted in the summer. However, avoid digging and dividing perennials at this time. Give plants plenty of water, and cover them with sun-screen fabric on scorching-hot days. Help them thrive by applying fertilizer early on. This is when their developing systems need the nutrients most.

Let Fertilizer Spikes Make Your Job Easier

Once you’ve decided to plant for the spring, it can be difficult to correctly dispense the right amount of fertilizer for each plant. But with fertilizer spikes, you don’t have to. Apply twice a year by simply pushing them into the ground and you’re good to go: fertilizer spikes contain only the amount of fertilizer the plant needs.

Jobe’s fertilizer spikes make your job easier and your plants healthier. Check out our website today to find some and other gardening essentials, such as sun shade fabric, all-purpose granular, and more. Whether or not you have a natural green thumb, let Jobe’s empower you to accomplish all your gardening goals.