A container garden is a joy for any gardener who wants to grow plants without all the hassle that comes along with it. You can build it indoors or outdoors and grow everything from fruits and vegetables to beautiful flowers for your home or to sell. If you’re still on the fence about building one, Jobe’s has a few reasons why you should.

3 Reasons to Have a Raised Bed Garden

It’s so easy to maintain.

These gardens are perfect for those who don’t want to worry about tilling the soil, pulling weeds, fighting moles, or maintaining the garden every day. Once you fill in the container with soil, apply some vegetable potting mix to help your plants grow and produce delicious veggies for your whole family. For added maintenance, use Easy Gardener® Multi-Use Netting to keep your garden safe from pests and separate your container garden from your yard.

It keeps out the garden pests.

Most gardeners must deal with moles and other pests invading their gardens. A raised garden has a protective layer between the soil and the raised bed, keeping out weeds and critters. If you decide to build your garden bed outside, just be sure to put a garden fence around it to keep larger wildlife from feasting on your fruits, veggies, and flowers.

You can start your raised bed garden early.

It’s possible for some plants to overwinter in a raised bed, meaning they’ll live for longer even when they’re not supposed to. You can start your raised garden early in the season and anytime if you decide to create one inside your home. If you have a room with abundant sunshine or especially a sunroom facing the south, you’d be wise to create your raised bed there. It will get plenty of light and warmth to help vegetables like tomatoes grow even in the winter.

Create Your Container Garden With Jobe’s

A good container garden starts with the right soil and nutrients. Before you start planting anything, Jobe’s has your plants’ best health in mind with a nutrient-dense vegetable potting mix. When you want to grow a garden without having to deal with moles, weeds, and other pests, a raised bed garden is the way to go.