To a new gardener, planting a tree may seem simple. However, new trees need a little extra TLC to be at their strongest, healthiest, and most beautiful. These tips, along with gardening products like the Ross® Root Feeder and root feeder refills, will make your trees the envy of every homeowner in the neighborhood.

Choosing the Right Tree

Optimal gardening results depend on choosing the right vegetables and flowers for your soil and other growing conditions. Raising a strong, healthy tree also starts with smart tree selection. When making your purchase, find out how much space you’ll need to accommodate a fully-grown tree. Root growth, for example, can cause problems if you’re looking for a street tree and choose a specimen that’s too big for the space. Check for moist, healthy roots in the rootball before buying.

Caring for Young Trees

Trees require more care during the first three years for disease resistance and proper growth. Nutrition and hydration are especially important during this stage. Young trees need 25 gallons of water weekly, or the equivalent of 1.5 inches of rain. Slow-release watering bags make easy work of ensuring that your tree’s roots get the deep hydration they need. Fertilizer spikes deliver nutrients to roots over time; they should be used in the fall and spring. The Ross® Root Feeder offers a highly accurate way to water and nourish your trees and can be used for a variety of gardening projects. Ensure that you’re always ready to feed your plants the easy, mess-free way by keeping root feeder refills on hand.

Don’t Forget the Mulch

Mulch is a must. Mulching protects delicate young trees from harsh temperatures and holds in valuable moisture. It prevents soil compaction to ensure proper airflow and helps keep weeds at bay. Mulch also provides a barrier to prevent damage from lawnmowers. After removing grass from within a yard or so of the tree, or farther out for larger trees, apply a 2- to 4-inch layer of mulch. Don’t let it touch the trunk.

Care for Your Tree with Jobe’s

Give your trees a head start by providing the nutrients and water they crave. Develop good tree-care habits early on, and you’ll be rewarded with hardy trees that can withstand the elements. Count on Jobe’s for the supplies you need – we offer a wide range of natural lawn and garden products, from the Ross® Root Feeder and root feeder refills to spikes.