Plants rely on soil for nourishment, but our soil today isn’t as nutrient-rich as it once was. Luckily, dietary help for your plants is available in the form of micro- and macro-nutrients from your trusted garden source. At Jobe’s, we offer two products that accomplish the job: soil amendments and fertilizers. They may both boost your plants’ nutrients, but they do so in different ways.

The Role of Soil Amendments

Rather than boosting nutrients in your soil, soil amending products improve its texture. These materials promote crumbling, which creates the air and water pockets roots need to find nourishment. Roots grow deeper and stronger, while leaves and stems are allowed to flourish. Jobe’s Organics offers the following options for your garden:

These products do contain nutrients as well, but their main function is to improve soil texture.

Fertilizer Functions

Fertilizer products provide nutrients without dealing with soil texture quality. Their nourishing materials are available in a wide variety of formats and formulas from Jobe’s. Choose a convenient fertilizing products from our variety of types:

These products target specific needs unique to your garden. Each formula is designed to give you a convenient way to deliver the specific nutrition each plant needs. Applications are customized to the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, or NPK, ratio of each plant for maximum effectiveness. Treating plants based on this ratio prevents excess nutrients in some areas and deficiencies in others while promoting proper top growth, root strength, and overall healthy plant development.

Enrich Your Soil with the Help of Jobe’s

Understanding the difference between these two types of soil-enriching products is the first step to achieving the beautiful, bountiful garden you’ve always wanted. Make your sunflowers soar, your tomatoes thrive, and your broccoli bloom with help from nutrient-boosting and soil-enriching products from Jobe’s. Our selection of eco-friendly Jobe’s fertilizers and soil amendments makes it easy to enjoy the fruits of your labor – no matter how green your thumb is.