Weeds, erosion, and the elements can all do a number on your landscaping and hardscaping. Landscape fabrics protect garden plots, hardscapes, trees, and shrubs from a variety of threats while saving you and your back from countless hours of weeding. Brush up on this essential form of garden protection with this handy guide to choosing a garden fabric from Jobe’s.

Landscaping Fabrics for Garden Protection

Although landscaping fabric is not recommended for roses or for gardens in which plants are moved often, garden fabrics serve a wide range of needs. Jobe’s provides multiple fabrics to fit your specific gardening need, regardless of how big or small.


Constructed from lightweight, spunbonded polyester fabric, Jobe’s PowerGrid is ideal for a wide range of gardening needs. The fabric blocks sunlight to control weeds while still allowing nutrients through to plant roots. And whether you simply garden in your spare time or are a professional landscaper, there’s a PowerGrid for you. Choose between Standard 5-Year, Premium 15-Year, or Commercial 25-Year, and ensure pesky weeds stay away from wherever you need.

WeedBlock Natural

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to synthetic landscaping fabrics, look no further – WeedBlock Natural is the product for you. Made from fibers derived from renewable resources like corn and wheat, WeedBlock does just what its same suggests: prevents weed growth and promotes healthy plant growth.

LandMaster High-UV 5

Sometimes you need something heavy-duty, and that’s where LandMaster High-UV 5 comes in. This fabric is made with heavyweight woven polypropylene, making it particularly resistant to the sun’s harsh rays. It’s optimal for windbreaking and for any high-traffic area.

LandMaster PolySpun 300

For optimal strength and durability, choose LandMaster PolySpun 300. With a truly exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, the swirling web pattern and premium polyester makes for unrivaled water and air permeability in addition to its toughness. It’s ideal for any landscape that needs the most robust fabric as well as for drainage, patio underlining, and soil separation.

Eliminate Weeding and Toxics With Landscape Fabrics

From preventing frost from sabotaging your winter gardening efforts to preserving the structural integrity of a backyard patio or walkway, garden fabrics offer lawn and garden protection without causing harm to the environment. Find the right fabric for your project, as well as fabric staples or pegs, at Jobe’s Company. We even offer helpful advice from the pros on how to use your garden fabric.